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This forum has been created for the collective of Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists in New Zealand. Keep it PG13 please.
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 Moderator Recruitment

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PostSubject: Moderator Recruitment   Mon May 09, 2011 7:06 am

Want to become a Moderator for FDINZ?

Copy/Paste the following template filled out with your details and a brief message with the reason why you would like to become a Moderator for FDINZ.
Send ALL applications to me via message.

Contact Number:
KDE number: (if you have one)
The reason why i would like to be a Moderator...
and if you have moderating/foruming experience please leave examples or references.

Only SERIOUS applicants will be reviewed. After 48 hours a decision will be made with 1 of 3 possible outcomes will happen.
Serious applicants would be considered those that have been with FDINZ for longer than 2 months and are regular posters. It will only be on rare occasion that the Admin would request a member to be a Moderator ignoring these conditions.

Outcome possibilities:

1. Members applying for Moderator Status will be given a sub forum to discuss the pending modding with other members and moderators also being given the chance to poll the pending mod (this will not determine a definate acceptance of the moderator as the Admin has the final say).

2. KDE Judges wanting to become moderators will not go through the polling phase instead a direct application can be sent and will have a pending period of 48 hours before an answer will be given unless direct contact has been obtained by Admin.

3. If you have not recieved a reply within 48 hours DO NOT keep sending applications through as this is treated as spam and spam will not be tolerated. you will recieve a reply eventually it just may be that it is a busy time. if you are concerened about this you can send a moderator a message in regards to your application and ask if they could relay the message to the Admin.

Conditions of approved moderators:

After approval has been recieved from the Admin, the approved moderator will be given a probational 7 days. In these 7 days the admin and moderators will be in close communication as on the 7th day the Admin still has the right to say yes or no.
Access to the Moderators forum will be granted.
The Colour of your Username will change to the appropriate colour.
If a Moderator were found not following the forum rules it is urged to those that see that to report it directly to the Admin so he is able to follow up (giving as much detail or even the url to the alleged report so the Admin can rectify the problem immediately.

these rules, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

Moderators Oath:
It is a Moderators responsibility to enforce the forum rules aswell by abiding by those rules.
It is a Moderators responsibility to report bugs and issues the forum may be experiencing.
It is a Moderators responsibility to insure that the PG13 rule is applied at all times.
It is a Moderators responsibility to lead in showing respect and unbias tendencies towards other members.
It is a Moderators responsibility to help if the need were to arise.
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Moderator Recruitment
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